How Will Rodent Treatments Affect My Pets?

Rodent Treatments Affect My Pets

If you are facing a pest problem on your property, then you need to get rid of it. Specifically, the presence of rats can become out of control for you quickly. They will bring all the nuisance, discomfort, major health risks, and many such problems to you, your family, and pets.

The use of pesticides can pose threat to your pets. The Rodent control, and Rat Control process involves poisons, chemicals, and traps that can adversely affect your pets. It is difficult for the pets to let their owner know about the poison.  There are many rat poisons and rodent control methods used to eliminate rats.

Below is the guide to the rodent removal treatments and their results on your pets:-

1. Use the correct rodent lures

If you are facing a rat or a mouse problem around you then try using rodent baits. This will never harm your cat or dog. A bait with a warfarin base and the use of chemicals like brodifacoum, dimethicone, and bromadiolone will not harm your pets. These are less toxic to animals.

2. Keep them at the right place

When you are living with your pet then it becomes very problematic for you to keep them away from the lure. You must check your baits on time. if you notice any of the dead animals nearby then remove them immediately. Your cat or dog must not play or eat any dead animal. Place the bait at the right spot. Do not keep them open. Look for the areas of your home from where they are getting entered.

3. Safe storage of the bait and the removal of dead rodents

The poison and the bait must be stored safely. You can even use your locked cupboard to keep these. While disposing of dead animals, make sure that you have put them in a place where they are out of reach for your pets.

4.The insecticides spray and pets

If you are facing a pest problem in your garden area then be very careful using an insecticide spray over that area. The liquid from insecticide sprays is very harmful to your pets. The bodies of your pets can easily take in the insecticide. If the insecticide spray dries up then it becomes less harmful for your pets. It is better to keep your pets indoors when you are spraying insecticides. Wait after the application of insecticide to dry up. The wind may also carry the droplets into the water form, and in liquid form will affect your pets. If you notice the signs of poison in your pet then call the veterinarian without any delay.

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