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Seeing holes in your clothing? Wondering why it’s happening? Notice damage on your rugs and carpets? It is probably because of moth infestation. But not to worry! We provide total moth control services to eliminate them from your property. Moreover, our moth control Mill Park experts ensure a one spot destination for residential and commercial properties for moth control treatments. Furthermore, our moth caterpillar control treatments are safe, effective and give quality results. Also, we cover a kind of moths and our pantry moths extermination process involves a full elimination of moths from your house. Moreover, we have tailored treatment solutions based on the type of month we are dealing with. So, don’t miss out on the best services to get the best results! Dial 03 4050 7737 today!

Top signs of pantry moth and cloth moth infestation 

There are many moth species including cloth moths and pantry moths as well. Moreover, they both leave behind several signs of habitation which indicate an infestation at your home. Here are some major signs of infestation that you need to watch out for 

Signs of infestation of cloth moths 

  • Irregular holes in clothes, carpets and rugs are caused because of larvae as they feed.
  • Shredding of moth fur on cloths.
  • Silk furrows and tunnels were found on clothing, especially woollen clothing. 
  • Little tube-like structure stuck on the fabric which is known as cocoons where the larvae rest and develop into an adult moth.
  • Visible cream-coloured moths crawl on the clothing usually in the dark.

Signs of infestation of pantry moths

  • Visible spotting of pantry moth near the light source at night. 
  • Holes in food bags are caused by larvae while they are feeding. 
  • Visible larvae or a bundle of eggs inside food packages.
  • Number of eggs in the dry food boxes.
  • Dark coloured moth crawling in the pantry.

Are Moths Harmful To Humans? 

Moths look like butterflies but they are not only related to the butterfly family. Moreover, these are the group of insects in which you will find pantry moth and cloth moth infestation pretty common in your household. Furthermore, moths don’t usually cause any harm to humans or pets but can damage your upholstery, clothing and pantry pretty easily. Furthermore, they are not known to spread any diseases among humans as they are not poisonous nor dangerous. 

Moths don’t bite as well, so there is no need to panic. Secondly, they don’t contain any venom and are not seen as a threat to human beings. Moreover, when it comes to your rugs, carpets and clothing, the moth larvae can feed on them and cause damage. Also, pantry moths feed on food packages and lay a huge amount of eggs in the dry food boxes and packets and cause infestation. 

Our Three Steps Procedure for Moth Control In Mill Park 

Our moth exterminator which covers every kind of moth including cabbage moth control solutions provides complete removal of pests from your property. Secondly, we provide a three-step process that leaves your house moth free. Here is our full process for moth elimination 

  • Moth Inspection

Once you book our services, our certified and trained pest control exterminators will arrive at your property for inspection. Moreover, the inspection is done thoroughly and all the active spots are figured out. Furthermore, the inspection helps in identifying the moth species and the severity of the infestation at your property.

  • Specific Chemical Treatment

After inspection, we proceed with the treatment process. Secondly, the treatment process is based on the finding of the inspection. According to the inspection results, we plan a strategic treatment. Additionally, the plan includes the type of treatment that needs to be done, the time it will take and what will be the outcome of the treatment for the best results. 

The treatment includes the proper use of chemicals. Moreover, for cloth moths, we use proper insecticides to safely eliminate the moth from your house. Also, the pesticide is sprayed on your upholstery and pantry cabinets and wardrobes cupboards etc. Furthermore, our chemicals are effective and safe to use when it comes to keeping your family and pet safe. 

  • Moth Prevention Advice

With our treatments, our experts provide suitable prevention tips which ensure that there is no infestation again. Moreover, we guide you with specific tips and suggestions based on the infestation you are facing and how you can prevent it further. Furthermore, our tips include cleaning spaces and pantry containers etc.

Why You Should Hire Our Experts To Eliminate Moths In Mill Park? 

Our moth control Mill Park exterminators provide the best services and make a difference with our high-quality services. Moreover, our services are extremely convenient for the following choices  

  • Certified moth control solutions

Our experts provide excellent services when it comes to moth control in Mill Park. More of our moth control in house experts are certified, licensed and properly trained to carry out all kinds of treatments to exterminate moths for good.

  • Done by qualified local experts in the field

Our local moth control Mill Park experts provide high-class services as they are having years of experience in this field. Therefore, with their expertise, they provide extermination solutions for all kinds of moths which also include winter moth control treatments.

  • Short-notice appointments availability

If you have any urgency to get rid of moth infestation, our experts are always ready to provide services. Moreover, we provide pest control carpets moths solutions along with cloth moths and pantry moths etc at a short notice. You can easily book our same day or emergency services for moth extermination and we will arrive at your doorstep according to your convenience. 

  • Savings of up to $40

Our moth pest control cost is extremely affordable and provides excellent high-quality results. Moreover, our moth control Mill Park experts use the latest technology and techniques to eliminate all kinds of moths from your property. 

  • Options for follow-up treatments, upon request

When we complete our services, we ensure to give tips and also are ready to take follow-ups. If you are concerned, is the infestation gone? If there is some reason you need to confirm the results, then our experts provide follow up treatments. The follow-up treatments will benefit you in exterminating pests if there are any left behind. Moreover, it also confirms that you are free of pest infestation.

  • Local Team In  Mill Park 

Now you can book our local moth control Mill Park exterminators 24×7 on weekends and even on holidays. Moreover, we cover every area in Mill Park and provide excellent moth extermination services for the residents of Mill Park. Book our moth control services today by dialling the company toll-free number! 


How should I get rid of cloth moths from my wardrobe?

To get rid of cloth moth infestation, make sure you clean your wardrobe entirely and wash all your clothes. Moreover, if the infestation is severe, book our service. Secondly, our moth extermination cost is extremely affordable.

How do I get moth infestation and how do they get inside my house?

Seeing even a single moth in your home is indicating there are more hidden. Moreover, they come through the window and once they find a proper hidden space, they lay eggs and slowly infest your pantry and clothing wardrobe. 

How does a moth breed?

A female moth lay around 60 eggs in 22 days. Moreover, they are several females when infestation takes place, so a group of females will lay more than 500 eggs in that short span. So, wait no more, if you see moth signs, call us for professional treatment today!